Seafrogs 40m/130ft FDR-AXP55 Underwater Video Camera Housing 4K DV Waterproof Case For Sony
Seafrogs 40m/130ft FDR-AXP55 Underwater Video Camera Housing 4K DV Waterproof Case For Sony
Product Details

Seafrogs 40m/130ft FDR-AXP55 Underwater video camera housing 4K DV Waterproof Case for Sony

* Diving depth of 40 meters of water resistance.

The use of double sealed structure, enhanced waterproof protection performance.

About 40 meters of water can make you in the deep dive or snorkeling photography, or in the winter sports, rain and snow events in the game feel at ease shooting.

* Extensibility

The bottom of the three-hole bracket interface, flexible connection bracket to get a higher stability. Designed with a φ67mm filter thread, you can transfer the lens or color filter for color correction.

Product Type:Underwater housing

Suitable camera:

Sony FDR-AXP55
Material:PC / Glass / ABS
Diving Depth:Max.40M
IP Grade:IPX8
-0~40 centigrade
Waterproof element:
O-ring gasker
Packaging Details:

Common box packing/Gift box packing

OEM and customized packing is welcome

Place of origin:Shenzhen,China











Packing list

Underwater Housing*1


User manual*1


What we provide :
- Common box packing / Gift box packing / OEM and Customized packing is welcome.


What we provide :
- Normally, we use courier service ( such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT) for fast and safely shipping methods.

It takes around 5~7 days for the delivery.

Company Profile

As a leading supplier in China, Seafrogs was founded in 2000. 
Focus on Design and manufacture of underwater photographic equipment.
Our factory plant is over 5000 sqm with more than 200 workers. including 15 employees in the engineering dept. 
and most of them have more than 15 years of experience in such industry. 
So we're able to provide you with very professional OEM and ODM service. 

Thanks to our strict quality management system and responsible QC workers, we always focus on high quality products.our RMA rate can always maintained in a very low level, much smaller compared with our counterparts. 
and that's the reason why many big companys have been working with us all along.

Our main products are PC / Aluminum Underwater Housing, wide-angle lens, photographic accessories and other underwater photography products。Moreover,our company is open for great thoughts, if you have any great design and want to realize it,
then we're the right choice that can make it come true,for our customers to create high quality and the best products.

We desire to establish a long-term business relations with you based on mutual benefits.

Our Advantages

If water leakage occurs, the unit should be immediately separated from the water supply.
• If the camera is wet, send it to the nearest Seafrogs dealer. The maintenance fee shall be borne by the customer.
Seafrogs will not be able to guarantee that the equipment (camera, battery, etc.) and the recorded content will not be damaged, and the photographic results may be wasted, even if the equipment is damaged by water leakage.

• After using this unit in seawater or seaside, fasten the unit with a buckle and rinse thoroughly with salt and sand in fresh water and wipe it with a dry soft cloth. It is recommended that you fasten the unit with a buckle and soak for about 30 minutes in fresh water. If there is salt remaining on the unit, the metal part may be damaged or corroded, resulting in water leakage.
• Wipe the inside of the unit with a dry, soft cloth. Do not rinse with water.
Be sure to perform the above maintenance after each use of this unit. Do not use any type of solvent, such as alcohol, petrol or paint thinner, as this may damage the surface coating of the unit.

Store the device
• Install the gasket included with this unit to prevent wear of O-rings.
• Prevent O-rings from falling dust.
• Apply silicone grease to the O-ring and insert it into the fixing groove. Store the unit in a cool, well-ventilated area. Do not buckle the buckle.
• Avoid storing the unit in cold, hot or humid places, and do not store it with hygienic balls or camphor to avoid damage to the unit.

What we provide:
-Quite competitive and reasonable price.
-As long as 24 Months' after-sale service.
-A most strict QC standard in the industry is implemented.
-Strong ability to develop new products,with a dedicated R&D department.

Thank you for your valuable time:)

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