For Panasonic LX100 130FT/40M Underwater Camera Diving Waterproof Housing Case
Product Details

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                         Seafrogs Waterproof Case For Panasonic LX100


Color : Black

Net weight : 850g

Filter diameter:24-75mm

IP grade : IPX8

Size : 160*125*126mm

Up to : 40M waterproof / 1M shockproof

Working temperature : 0-40℃32-104°F

Warranty : 2 years

Waterproof element : waterproof seal

Lens : Super clear lens for optimal picture quality

With bracket holes : you can mount on your bracket for underwater shooting

100% tested : we test every single one case to ensure the waterproof

Material : PC, ABS plastic, Clear plate glass, stainless steel , EPDM rubber , O-Ring