Waterproof Housing Care And Maintenance

First time use

The waterproof case is complete test before they go out of the factory. But suggest that the first time you use when you buy the waterproof case , don't press the camera or camera in a waterproof container.Because the waterproof box after completion of the factory test in the transport process, when the air pressure change, packaging process may cause the damage of the subtle, so use this simple test sure your camera or camera in a safe and secure the waterproof case.In this test at the same time, you can feel the hand hold water proof boxes pose position and the skills and habits you neutral buoyancy.Comply with all the steps described to prepare, execute, and then to complete a diving.Then after confirm waterproof shell outside completely dry Open the back cover, and check whether there is water seepage phenomenon.If a water seepage inside waterproof box is very easy to see.At the same time check the waterproof box with your fingers around the internal surface is wet, viewing window, near the Port, and O - Ring groove around whether there is water gas wet adhesion or feeling, if you feel or check have water seepage phenomenon, please immediately sent to the original factory authorized service station or Gates original factory.