In The Process Of The Dive

In the process of the dive

Befor you are going to dive into water or diving , some important affairs will keep firmly in mind:

Don't jump into water with the waterproof case , even if your waterproof case is very durable and waterproof, because of the jumping moment , the water and the water pressure can lead to water penetration of O - Ring.

Believe that everyone knows, a waterproof case will ooze water will not spit bubbles to warn you have leakage, and water will due to water pressure into the waterproof case, and the waterproof case air will not be able to discharge.So you must get in the habit of the water immediately after and as far as possible through various angles to observe whether there is water seepage phenomenon occurred inside the waterproof case .There is a very good way to do the inspection, is shot down by the Port will be waterproof box can be seen.When found that water infiltration, please leave immediately. 

Protect waterproof case to avoid stone, coral or other hard solid impact.Your Gates waterproof case design Is able to withstand a certain amount of impact, but improper operation may cause water seepage. 

Get into the habit of always check the waterproof case .If waterproof box in the water by the impact or similar situation, don't forget to check whether the water case water seepage.When it is strongly recommended that meet the above conditions, after leaving the water need to be very careful check your case.