Diving equipment : Mask

Mask , the window of the underwater world

   Try to open your eyes in the water, just a blur of images, this is because water is denser than air, light into the water will be reflected.And the focal length of the eye is light to adjust according to the air, as a result, the mirror make retained cavity in front of your eyes, let you have a clear line of sight.Mask with swimming glasses biggest difference is that the former not only cover the eyes also cover the nose, this is because when diving in order to prevent extrusion, need to balance the pressure inside the nasal cavity, so swimming glasses cannot be used for diving.

   Generally in front of the mirror by strengthening the safety glass lenses, edge of joint face of rubber or silicone, or can be a fixed position adjustment of headband.Strengthen safety glass lenses can prevent break into highly dangerous thin glass pieces.Group of material, on the edge of the silicone than rubber, this is because the silicone than rubber durable 3-4 times, it is not easy to make the skin allergy, more soft and comfortable.Some mask with drain valve, a one-way valve is used to eliminate surface water in the mirror.Choice is mirror of the most important points is suitable and comfortable or not, other equipment also is such.A mask may not appropriate leakage may cause allergy, reduce a lot of the fun of diving.

   Test mask right or not, as long as the mask on the face, gently (don't have to take it with) and then to breathe in through your nose, right in front of the mirror will close to on the face until you exhale.Also it is important to note that want to make sure that you can easily hold your nose outside the mask.Mask has various styles and a single lens, more than two pieces of glass and lens are various, usually only two pieces of the design of lens is equipped with vision correction lenses.

   Available in front of the mask for the first time to use soft cloth to wipe gently with toothpaste both sides of the lens to the eradication of applying a film.Mask after each use to clean with clear water full, placed in dry ventilated place, do not under direct sunlight.If you are in seawater using the mask, best can use warm water soak for a few minutes, in case of corrosive salt deposit.If you can't immediately after use clean, it is better to put the mask on the water, because it is difficult to thoroughly remove dry salt.