Diving equipment : Breathing Tube

A breathing tube - breathe easier

   You may think, since scuba diving cylinders and regulator, why the breathing tube is one of the standard equipment?Because first of all, when you rest or on the surface of swimming, your face look down in the water, or to find things, you can breathe through breathing tube in order to reduce the consumption of air in the cylinder.Second, when the surface waves, can use the nozzle height of the breathing tube is usually higher than that of the wave height and to avoid water surged into his mouth.Third, if you are away from the ship or the shore of the water, and air in the cylinder, the breathing tube can make you more easily swim back to the ship or on shore, you can face naturally in water.And while snorkeling, breathing tube is the necessary equipment, you can spend a whole day don't have to look up in the water.Try it on.

    Normal breathing tube design is open end, has a mouth pieces at one end of the bend.The upper half of the breathing tube (play) is usually half hard plastic tube, the lower part of the mouth pieces made of silica gel.A suitable to the curvature of the breathing tube must have the appropriate (suit your face shape), 2 cm inner diameter, length of 30 ~ 35 centimeters.Proper breathing tube in addition to breathe easy and comfortable.Try, you can put the mouth pieces in between lips and teeth, will play on the left ear, mouth pieces should be comfortable, appropriate will not scratch the mouth or cause fatigue, chin and is straight in his mouth.