Testing before using 

The waterproof case are all tested by a complete sealing water pressure , we suggested do not load the camera in the case when you first use .
 Because waterproof , after finish the factory test in the transport process, changes in atmospheric pressure in air and in the process of packaging are likely to cause damage to imperceptible, so use this simple test to ensure that your camera or video camera mounted on a secure waterproof . At the same time of test, you can also feel the hand posture and position of waterproof shell and habits you neutral buoyancy.

Preparation before diving 

Before diving , please note and check with the following :
1.Please according to the manufacturer who correct attached to install your camera or video camera with waterproof.
2. Confirm the firmness after installation , whether loose in the diving photograph.
3. According to the "notes on the o - ring and maintenance" check all of o - ring.
4. Turning all the function keys, there must be no hinder the smooth rotation.
5. Cover, back cover after check the gaps between the back cover and front cover, should be very right in a straight line, and then carefully will waterproof side two buckle buckle to the correct position.
6. Do the final check to see if there is a different shape, for example o - ring back cover clip into or unaware of the damage due to impact, falling.

Why my underwater photo is not clear?
The sea waves rolling, will not, of course, like land can set the camera .Focus will be burnt, or just on, press down the fish run . The solution is to open the flashlight, alignment you want to take a few more photos, pull the focal length far away.
In order to protect the environment, and finally, please remember, don't head and tail food to the fish, please do not touch the coral .Hope you take beautiful photos, leaving only a bunch of blisters.

Differences between snorkeling, diving migration hand and scuba diving :

Snorkeling is the player using the mask, snorkel and fins on the surface of the water floating, appreciate the underwater scenes, floating in the water, most of the time range is limited, for security reasons, should not be too far offshore, to the Marine creatures can only far view, not close to see the coral and fish, but because of the consumption is not high, suitable for early contact with sea or water is not a good person.

Migration hand diving play better breath a dive under the water bottom, usually half a minute to a minute more to go back to the surface for air, can be relatively close contact underwater world, but will need some time to stay in the bottom of the sea in the period of time to practice, can make the player to stay for a while.
Scuba diving through formal training, the use of diving cylinders and diving equipment, make you can dive under the bottom of the sea, in close contact with nature .In harmony with nature, to appreciate the magnificent sea world .More freedom to fly in space.