About Us

Shenzhen Seafrogs Photographic Equipment Ltd. is a sole proprietorship with ISO9001 and ISO14001 

certifications, is a medium-sized enterprise specialize in diving equipment. Our products include camera waterproof case, diving torch,strobe, LED light and related diving accessories ,etc.


Company adopts standardized management mode and works in high spirit to provide good quality services to customers. The processing results of each link must be carefully tested before passing into the next process.Products are 100% tested to achieve QC quality standards before shipment.


Our factory is well-equipped with 11 sets of computer CNC machining centers, 6 sets of computer EDM, 3 sets of mirror EDM, 4 sets of WEDM-HS, 2 sets of gun drills, 13 sets of injection molding machines(ranging 80-380 tons), a batch of precision grinding machines, milling machines and other full equipments. We also have an experienced engineering team, using all kinds of international advanced design software and establishing a solid foundation for the manufacture of high-quality, precision products.


We sincerely look forward to working with you, welcome to guide and discuss business. More details please contact sales02@seafrogs.cc